Tips for Finding Los Angeles Apartment Buildings for Sale (2023)

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Apartment buildingscontinue to be one of the top choices for those looking to invest in real estate.

There are several reasons why these multi family properties are so popular among real estate investors. Apartment buildings come in all types – low budget to high budget, low-rise to high-rise, urban to suburban, and more.

They also allow investors to choose how involved they want to be in the process.

Additionally, apartment buildinginvestments can be either short or long term and can be very profitable for investors due to frequent turnaround and a high volume of residents.

How to Find Apartment Buildings for Sale in Los Angeles

Investing in apartment properties in a large city such as Los Angeles can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you can find the right opportunities.

Knowing which online platforms to use when searching for apartment buildings in Los Angeles will put you not only a step ahead in your search but also a step ahead of your competitors.

You can even go off-market to find your ideal property before anyone else even knows about it.

Below, we’ll show you the best on and off-market search platforms to use when looking for Los Angeles apartment buildings for sale.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Listings

There are a number of search engines that can help you find the specific type of commercial real estate you are interested in. The first place you might turn to arecommercial real estate listings.

Some of the best listings platforms to find apartments for sale in Los Angeles are Showcase,,, CityFeet, Zillow, MW Realty, and


Showcase features office, warehouse, retail, apartment, land, and other specialty real estate listings in many big cities across the United States.

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Specifically in Los Angeles, Showcase offers hundreds of multi family apartment properties for sale to choose from.

Investors and other real estate professionals can narrow down their search by filters like sale price, space size, and cap rate or use the interactive map to identify properties located in a specific area within the city. features multi family properties and development land that are currently offered for sale.

The platform focuses on markets in California, Arizona, Texas, New York, and Florida, however it also features listings in other states.

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Similar to other listing services, the search tool offers a number of filters that can help you narrow down search results in various ways.

While the platform allows all visitors to conduct a basic property search, it requires registration in order to view the full details of specific listings. is the official site of the National Association of REALTORSⓇ and is many real estate professionals’ first stop when searching for new investment properties.

Tips for Finding Los Angeles Apartment Buildings for Sale (3) has earned itself a reputation of offering a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, along with other information and tools to make real estate searches easier and more accurate to your specific needs.

Currently, features over 1,400 apartment and other multi family properties in Los Angeles.

The platform also allows you to search through the inventory of recently sold properties, which can be a great source of sales comp data.


CityFeet is one of LoopNet’s 200 partner sites, featuring commercial real estate listings for lease and sale in categories such as office, retail, industrial, medical, multi family, and more.

The CityFeet search tool features multiple filters that give you the ability to specify the type of building you are interested in and other important factors like square footage and price range.

CityFeet only features properties that are currently on-market.


Zillow is one of the most comprehensive sources for investors as it includes information on buying, selling, renting, remodeling, and even financing residential real estate.

The database features over 110 million homes for sale or rent, as well as off-market properties.

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Zillow also watches the market and posts Zestimates for the value of a house along with other relevant property, neighborhood, and market details.

This wealth of information can be priceless for those looking to invest in apartment buildings or other multi family properties in Los Angeles or any other U.S. market.

MW Realty

Unlike the nationwide platforms we reviewed so far, MW Realty is focused exclusively on the Los Angeles commercial and multi family real estate market, therefore it can be an excellent resource for finding great apartment buildings in the area.

This full service real estate firm offers its clients an analytical edge in their property investment endeavors with things like financial analysis and property management strategies.

MW Realty’s web site allows you to browse Los Angeles apartment buildings for sale by city area and investment type. specializes in the sale and exchange of on and off-market apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area.

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You can browse the inventory of available apartment buildings for sale on their website.

The site also features a wealth of resources including market analysis, 1031 tax exchange and apartment building earthquake retrofit information, and tips for increasing the value of investment properties.

For Sale by Owner Listings

For sale by owner listings are another excellent way of finding apartments for sale in Los Angeles.

Investing in or buying an apartment that’s for sale by owner allows you to communicate and work directly with the owner instead of paying high broker fees that often are a part of purchasing real estate.

Searching for buildings that are for sale by owner is best done by using online listings platforms that help consolidate all of the listings into one concise, searchable database.

The top sites featuring for sale by owner buildings are Rex Homes, Apartment, FSBO, and Buildings by Owner.


FSBO, which stands for “For Sale by Owner,” is a listings platform that features commercial and residential real estate for sale by owner throughout the United States.

The platform has an interactive map which makes choosing the location of your interest very easy.

FSBO also has multiple filters such as building size and price, and if you already know a listing’s ID number, you can use it to quickly look up the property.

Buildings by Owner

Similar to FSBO, Buildings by Owner is also exclusive to real estate offered for sale and for lease by owner.

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The site features a variety of property types like office, industrial, retail, multi family, and other specialty real estate. There are filters to choose from in order to narrow down your search by location, property type, price, and size.


Craigslist is one of the top sites for online classifieds featuring listings in nearly every major city around the globe.

While the site is not exclusive to real estate listings, its popularity makes it a great source for finding apartment buildings and other types of properties for sale by owner.

Once you select Los Angeles as the city of your interest, you can either use the search tool or browse the real estate for sale category under housing in order to locate available apartment buildings for sale.

How to Search Different Platforms for Apartment Buildings in Los Angeles

Searching for an apartment building for sale in Los Angeles can be a bit tricky if your requirement is pretty specific.

Below, we will show you how to search for a 4-unit apartment building on Zillow and a 30-40 unit apartment building on Reonomy.

4-Unit Apartment Building Search on Zillow

The first step when searching for a Los Angeles-based 4-unit apartment building on Zillow is to specify the location.

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You can do this by typing Los Angeles in the search bar. This will take you to a results page featuring an interactive map, a few of the top listings in the area, and several filters that can help you narrow down list of properties.

Next you need to specify that you are looking for a 4-unit apartment building.

In order to do that, simply click on the “More” option at the top and scroll to the very bottom of the dropdown where you can enter specific keywords.

The keywords to use in this case are “4-unit apartment building.”

This will bring up a results page showing only apartment buildings with 4 units in Los Angeles.

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There are other filters such as price range and number of bedrooms and baths that you can use to further refine your search.

If you would like to see further details on a particular property, simply click on its tile in the list of results or the corresponding dot on the map.

This will open an overlay featuring multiple photos, additional facts and features, Zillow’s Zestimate, price and tax history, neighborhood information, and more.

30-40 Unit Apartment Building Search on Reonomy

To take your search off-market, you can use the Reonomy platform.

You can dive into the Los Angeles real estate market on a number of different levels.

For this example, let’s say you’re looking for a 30-40 unit apartment building in Los Angeles.

You can search the entire MSA of Los Angeles, the county of Los Angeles, the city of Los Angeles, or a specific neighborhood, zip code, or street name within LA (together or separately).

Start by entering theLocation tab and entering the geography you’d like to search within.

Here, we search within the MSA of Los Angeles, which has over 700,000 commercial properties in total.

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With a location in place, visit theAsset Type tab to add the relevant “Multi Family (General)” filter. Here you can also add filters for any other property type you’d like to see, including many other sub-classes of multi family.

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Next, visit theBuilding & Lot tab to add the number of units, along with any other building specifications you prefer, including the size of the building, and whether or not it’s in an Opportunity Zone.

Searching for multi family properties with 30-40 units still leaves us with more than 3,000 properties in Los Angeles.

Tips for Finding Los Angeles Apartment Buildings for Sale (11)

At this point, it’s important to consider the fact that Reonomy is not a listings platform, but an off-market search discovery platform.

How do you identify the properties amongst the lot that are likely to sell? With sales history filters.

In theSales tab, you can add filters for:

  • Most recent sale date
  • Most recent sale price
  • Sale price per square foot
  • Multi-parcel/property sales

By adding a filter for properties that haven’t sold in the last 7-10 years, you can quickly find owners that are likely to field offers.

Filtering for apartment buildings that haven’t sold in the last 10 years still leaves you with nearly 1,500 properties in the Los Angeles area.

Tips for Finding Los Angeles Apartment Buildings for Sale (12)

If you prefer, you can continue to narrow down your search with debt history filters, tenant filters, tax history filters, and more.

There, it’s very simple to get the contact information for property owners to reach out to owners directly, make your pitch, and win new business.

In a lot of cases, while Reonomy will get you the most depth and breadth of search and connect you with owners, a combination of free and paid sources could be your best option for assuring you find the best possible deal in Los Angeles.

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