Studio M Hotel, Singapore (Hotel Review) (2023)

Hello! Don’t mind me, I am particularly excited for this hotel that we’re gonna check out today. I’m always around Robertson Quay so not only this hotel is convenient for me, but it’s also one of my favourite so far. I personally don’t tend to book a room from the same hotel twice or more unless it’s really great. And I’ll tell you, this one is.

Affordable, cute, great service. It checks all the important boxes for me! I for one, believe that saving money during this uncertain era is important so recommending a hotel that is easy on the pocket is really what I’m aiming for. I hope it helps you!

Regardless how much money you have in your account, everyone deserves a little fun and break. If you need any help in financial planning, Armand Izzaq is great at what he does!

So with that being said.. here we are, at Studio M Hotel. Let’s go, besties!

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If you’ve seen my review of their sister hotel, MSocial, you can totally see the vast difference in the vibe and ambience here. While it was very dark and almost industrial there, Studio M Hotel is really just filled with sunshine and happiness. Literally, it was bright and beautiful.

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I gotta say that my check-in experience here was more than amazing. Probably one of the best so far! I was served by Atika, really courteous and gracious. I totally love how informative and friendly she was! I know it’s cliche to say that front desk agents are friendly but you can really tell if one is genuine or not! And Atika is.

I was also greeted by Ms Marlene, the Marketing Communication Manager of Studio M Hotel. Whenever I do reviews, I don’t normally do the pleasantries with the hotel managers during check-in because believe it or not, I’m actually shy! I have always been but Ms Marlene was just phenomenal at making me feel comfortable and welcomed. It was really heartwarming to have her there, from the start till the day I checked out. I totally felt like my stay was curated perfectly with the spectacular team here.

The room that we’re reviewing today is the standard room, the Studio Loft.

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I’m sure when you hear of Studio M Hotel, the first thing that flashes through your mind is the loft-designed rooms. Well, you’re not wrong! The hotel is widely known for that unique feature, along with its sister hotel too. I actually love lofts more than the usual, standard hotel rooms because of the layout and the high ceiling.

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With full-walled windows, you get natural lighting coming in so that’s cool. Just imagine watching the sunset from your bed. Heaven! Or maybe sunrise? I’m naturally not a morning person, so that’s automatically out for me.

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The bed was super comfy! But if there’s one thing I would change, is the number of pillows. There’s only two on the bed so technically there’s only a pillow for each of you. I don’t think one pillow is enough for me! Minimum is two, one for me to put my head on.. and another one for me to snuggle! What about you?

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Beside the bed was where the telephone is, if you need assistance from the reception desk or to make any local phone calls. There was also a cute notepad where usually I’ll write little notes for the housekeeping team, just to add a personal gratitude for their work. I think making a handwritten letter is definitely a lost art, it makes the compliment a little more deep and special.

But of course! if you have the time, do write a short compliment for the staffs that took care of you during your stay on TripAdvisor because certain hotel brands give great rewards to their employees depending on how many reviews they get from that site.

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No coffee machines are provided here so you need to boil your own water! The tea sachets are from Raffles Lighthouse. It’s actually a super delicious tea brand, made by PRYCE, a local tea company. If you book any hotels under the Millenium brand in Singapore, there’s a high chance that your tea will be provided by Raffles Lighthouse due to their exclusive collaboration. Love that!

I wish more hotels will collaborate with Nespresso too? Because coffee sachets from Nescafe is just not it.

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The fun thing about your room being a loft is that, there’s a second level! More space, meaning more friends that you can invite over. From 29 March onwards, you can gather in groups of 10! But do also note, that certain hotels can accommodate two overnight guests only.

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The second level is pretty much just a space to chill and hang out. My friend and I didn’t do anything much here other than to play board games and jenga. The sofa can also be folded out to be a full, single mattress.

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There’s also plug sockets for you to use here. With the large working area of the table, you can definitely just open up your laptop here and do your work. WFH? Work from… Hotel? Yup!

While the living area is huge and spacious, unfortunately the bathroom isn’t.

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The shower and the toilet is separated, and there’s very minimal space for you to move around. If you like singing in the showers like I do, unfortunately you can’t do your imaginary concert here. You’ll get claustrophobic and dizzy after a while. But if you hear my singing voice, you’ll get dizzy anyways. So.. it’s up to you, besties.

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Toiletries provided in the showers are from the hotel themselves, under the Millennium brand. I think I said this before, but I’m gonna say it again. I love hotels that put in effort to make their own toiletries and products. Regardless if they’re just pasting their hotel names over it. It’s still admirable to me, like they’re super proud of their brand. Boss babe attitude! Unlike some that buys over toiletries in bulk from China.. it just screams lazy to me.

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I definitely love that there’s a bidet provided here. It’s about time that most hotels have these in their bathrooms!

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For the fitness enthusiasts, there’s a gym here too! As per the new norm, you have to make a booking before going for a session.

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For those who loves tanning and swimming, there’s a pool here with daybeds and cabanas that you and your friends can chill in.

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Really an innovative, beautiful space for you to just spend quality time with your friends. Great view, great pool for your laps, and a billiard? Amazing.

With all my important check boxes ticked, I totally would recommend this hotel to literally everyone. Couples on a honeymoon? Yes! Family with lotsa kids? Yes! Friends gathering? Yes!

I can’t emphasise this enough. The way you make a guest feel welcome and comfortable is really important! I am really glad that I’ve found myself a hotel that I can really take pride of when I recommend it to my friends.

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The hotel team is nothing but phenomenal. They left me a super cute gift, a teddy bear and some caramel popcorns! Really thoughtful, yeah.

I’m not sure if you would get the same teddy bear if you check in, but if you do book a room with them after reading my blog, I’d give you a warm hug like a teddy bear would do. Promise!

“Hi, everyone. I’m Olaf Aliff and I like warm hugs.”

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