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Problems With Range Rovers

The Range Rover is the embodiment of luxury and everything we all want to have, at least most of us. However, this vehicle is not flawless. There are several aspects of the Range we love, others we hate and others we can simply ignore.

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If you are interested in purchasing a Range rover or simply admire this line of vehicles, then here is our essential guide to common problems and fixes for these issues on the Range Rover.

Range Rover Common Problems And Fixes | MotorBeast (1)

Most of the time when a Range Rover is mentioned, it is never in bad taste. After all, this high performance car can do no wrong can it? Even if you’re new vehicles or are yet to purchase one, you should know this isn’t true.

While the Range isn’t riddled with problem after problem, it has its own share of issues. In fact, this vehicle and all its variations is prone to failure including the most popular issue across the board with range rovers: among the most popular problems in power loss, suspension issues, electrical failures which in turn creates more problems.

Luckily, most of these common place issues are easy to fix with repairs and replacements. Unluckily, these repairs and replacements might end up costing you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. Take a look at our guide to Range rover associated issues where we will discuss these problems and fixes for the aforementioned.

Getting though all the Range Rovers

The line up or Range Rovers and Land Rovers can be confusing at first glance. However, do not let that worry you. We are going to approach this guide in a more specified manner where we will identify the most popular Range Rovers in the Land Rover Range Rover series.

Afterwards, we can then break down each of their common issues and fixes. This segmented approach will come in handy when we are discussing model specific issues that don’t cut across the board.

This breakdown will focus on The L322, The Range Rover Sport and The Range Rover Evoque. Lastly, it will touch up on other general problematic aspects of owning and even purchasing a Range Rover and why it might still be a worthwhile purchase. Read on for more on the most common Range Rover issues and fixes.

Comparing the Range Rover L322, Sport and Evoque

MODELTop issue with this modelCommon fix
L322Transmission failureGood old replacement
SPORTWorn differentialFrequent differential fluid change and component replacement
EVOQUEFailure of the fuse on the windshield washer componentImmediate replacement

Range Rover L322

This is the Range rover model simply known as Range rover manufactured between 2001 to 2012. Some of the most common problems associated with this classic beauty include the following.

Power loss

Loss of power on this and many other Range rover models is often a culmination of many things. The best way to diagnose the real cause and find the most appropriate solution for this issue is by the use of a scanning tool.

These devices utilize the information from your Vehicle’s computer system and detects any triggered fault codes, each unique to a certain part of the vehicle and a specific problem. Usually, issues with the EGR valve or a break in the intercooler hoses will lead to a power loss issues.

After which, the air fuel mixture ratio becomes faulty, causing poor vehicle performance. The best way to fix this is to check the intercooler hoses, ensure they are in order. In case any one of them is broken a replacement is in order.

Transmission failure

The ZF and GM5 gearboxes, automatic, with which this Range Rover is enabled with, are quite problematic. Often, you will notice the L322 become steadily more reluctant to shift gears if these automatic gearboxes fail.

Continued use of your L322 in this state will only cause the problem to progress, causing odd noises or even appearance of a fault on the gear monitor. The best way to fix this is to get to a professional as soon as you notice the symptoms of automatic transmission failure.

Ignition switch failure

The ignition switch might fail leading to difficulty turning your key in the ignition. The best remedy for a faulty ignition switch is immediate replacement.

Air suspension

This is one of the reasons we are in love with the range rover. With superior air suspension, Range Rovers have established an unrivaled balance between superior ride quality and great off road power.

However, this all round suspension can become problematic and commonly lead to the message SUSPENSION INACTIVE on your dashboard display. If you notice this message, a full diagnostics check is in order. Depending on the information you or the professional will collect from the diagnosis, the fix could involve a replacement with the following parts

  • Suspension compressor
  • Air suspension pump
  • Air suspension valve
  • Complete suspension strut
  • Air suspension height sensor


The Range Rover sport is an elaborately built vehicle which combines various technologies to deliver the monster Sport model we all admire. However, there are several issues we cannot simply ignore including the following:

Problematic arm suspension

When you hear a knocking sound during slow drives, then you might have an arm suspension problem at hand. These are often easily diagnosed by observation and listening. To check your front suspension for issue, simply drive in forward then in reverse, looking out for these distinguishable knocking sounds.

In the event that your arm suspension is the problem, then the best course of action is a thorough professional inspection, diagnosis and fix.

Worn differential

Defective differential cannot efficiently transfer power from your engine to the transmission then the wheels. When wear and tear build up on this component, then it will begin to fail. Often, a worn differential gives off an odd whining sound when you drive at a constant speed.

To fix this, ensure you always have your differential fluids at optimum and worn or torn differential replaced.

Air suspension issues

Air suspension is the best and simultaneously worst part about having a Range. Not really, but issues with your air suspension will trigger the light on the dashboard indicating an immediate problem. The best course of action is to have your suspension components inspected and replaced if need be.

A good diagnostics checkup should be enough to identify all the faults in your air suspension and best method of fixing the issue.

Power loss

In range rovers, power loss is a culmination of many things. The sport particularly experiences this issue due to wear in the belts, problematic fuel pump or air flow sensor, problematic catalytic converter, among other reasons. The only way to fix a power loss issue is finding and fixing the specific issue causing this power loss.

Parking brake problems

An issue with the parking brake will often result in a screeching sound that is considerably loud. Additionally, it may trigger sticking in the handbrake and cause difficulty locking the rear wheel. Choosing to ignore this issue can cause significant damage to your brake discs. The best way to remedy this is by having your brake shoe and even disc replaced.


The Range Rover Evoque is a secure high quality and highly secure model is not short of its own problems. In fact, here are some popular issues with the Evoque:

Failing wind washer system

Failure of the fuse on the windshield washer component is a popular issue with the Evoque. This failure is often triggered by low temperature and blockages. Luckily, the models affected by this issue, manufactured between 2018 October and 2019 April were recalled for a factory fix.

Fuel gauge problems with poor emissions performance

You would think for the price at which Range Rovers sell there wouldn’t be any commonplace or even petty issues. Well a malfunctioning fuel gauge is among the problems you may experience with the Evoque.

One it does, then you will be unaware of what Emission laws are, they are a collection of regulations set up across different state whose sole purpose is to help protect the environment from the dangerous carbon dioxide emissions which heavily contribute to global warming.

While the vehicle emission requirements might vary from state to state, each one of these authorities has these laws set up to minimize air pollution and monitor vehicle emissions and among in their respective areas. Unfortunately, the Evoque doesn’t comply with many of the emissions requirements and standards.

In fact, this model was commercially produced and distributed between March 2018 and June 2018. Luckily, these vehicles have been recalled since for proper recalibration and design in order to adhere to the emission performance standards for vehicles in the USA.

You might be aware that the league of range rovers are fuel guzzlers, at least most of them. However, the Evoque not only consumes fuel at this capacity, with non-conforming emissions ratings. If you are unfamiliar with emission standards, they are a set of laws instigated to ensure personal vehicles reduce their contribution to emissions, smog and global warming. Emission inspections are usually required for new cars and even renewed registration in many states with emission requirements.

General Range Rover issues and fixes

Now that we have the specifics out of the way, here are some of the general issues different models of the Range Rover possess with a few tips on how to fix them:


One of the biggest issues with vehicles across the vehicle spectrum is leaking. Admittedly some leaks are harmless and purely annoying; many vehicle associated leaks are harmful and could potentially be dangerous for you or your vehicle. For example, oil leaking from the lower crankcase or crankshaft could trigger a plethora of other issues, engine or otherwise..

Air suspension problems

We have already mentioned this under several models in our breakdown; however, to understand this popular issue further, here is a more elaborate explanation on the cause of air suspension issues in Range Rovers. Faulty sensors and problematic components are often responsible for this issue.

Faulty electronics and electronic components

A fuse blow here, a broken wore there or simply failure within some electronic components is common not only with Range Rovers, but also with other vehicles. However, these electronic faults are responsible for a plethora of issues in cars. One popular electronics issue among Range Rovers is the ignition switch failing.

Engine issues on the Range Rovers

It’s not a good review unless it includes a break down on the engine. Range Rovers are popular for the powerful engines they are equipped with. However, these engines are not problem free. We are going to touch on the three top issues that cripple these engines especially after extended or strenuous use.

Ignition issues

These will vary depending on the component causing the issue. Often, the ignition system, the Ignition Amplified Module, on the rage sends problematic magnetic signals which in turn will cause even screws coming loose on the vacuum module, will trigger ignition issues. If you are unfamiliar with the ignition System on Range Rovers, we advise that you get it checked out by your mechanic if you notice any engine stalls and other ignition associated symptoms.

Alternator problems

Newer Range Rovers are less likely to have this issue compared to those that have been driven for a while. If you intend to purchase a used Range with a 100k and over mileage then you stand a chance of experiencing this issue. Often, a failing alternator will lead to various performance issues including weird transmission shifts or even tachometer failure.

Luckily, alternators are easy to replace or even rebuild. Leaving this issue alone will cause further damage to your engine, triggering symptoms such as engine misfires, or even stumbling while driving which is extremely dangerous.


Likewise, there are many reasons why your engine could develop overheating issues. Popular culprits often include the thermostat or blockages within the radiator. It is necessary that you have the engine thoroughly inspected or inspect it yourself checking the cars components for possible reasons your engine is overheating.

Why Range rovers are unreliable

Reliability in vehicles is measured using a variety of factors. For example, the reliability index which is derived from comparing the number or damages your vehicle to the repair and repair cost required.

It’s not that Range Rovers get bad rep out of spite, in fact, studies conducted and published in 2018 show that Ranges are among the most unreliable vehicle there is. However, because of the luxury and sophistication brand surrounding Range Rovers, they remain to be a popular choice for anyone who can afford them. It doesn’t make sense to keep buying an unreliable vehicle does it?

We aren’t going to dismiss the power and performance that these vehicles embody; likewise, it is only fair that we acknowledge the areas of failure including the poor reliability ratings and index.

Advice for buyers looking for a used range rover

Before you rush to the Range rover forums checking how often a certain model has received complaints within the week, take a moment to consider the implications of purchasing a range rover. Even so, revisit the various issues and fixes we have reviewed above. If you still want to purchase a used Range rover, then here are some tips to help you out.

If it’s cheap, run

That might be the last thing you want to hear but a cheap Range is a dangerous Range. We aren’t trying to deter you from getting the best deal possible, however, be weary of these deals that are simply too good.

Check and ask about reliability

As it stands, Range Rovers do not have the best reliability reputation. Before you commit to a used Range, check with the previous owner about the mechanical well being and performance capacity of the vehicle you intend to buy. Also, don’t forget about used car lemon laws that will come in handy in case you unluckily purchase a lemon.

A note on used car lemon laws

These are the laws put in place to protect the buyers who purchase unreliable duds. Alternatively, these laws are helpful when you spend more in unwarranted repairs. While many states are yet to instigate used car lemon laws, Minnesota, Massachusetts, NYC, New Jersey and New Mexico in addition to Connecticut are ahead of the game.

In these states, you will receive a used car warranty that us statutory. If you experience any issue while warranty is in place, then the car dealer is responsible for their repair. This information could prove quite helpful if your next used car might be a Range.

How much does it cost to repair Range Rover failing parts?

Depending n the component or the nature of failure within the vehicle, the cost of repair for a faulty component could be barely a hundred dollars or worth thousands of dollars. According to various sites, the average annual budget for repair and maintenance of range rovers lies between 50 to upwards of 6,000 dollars. This number will change depending on the issue at hand, severity of the issue, Range Rover model and your Location.

In conclusion

Even though there is a variety of range rover models all built to be the vehicle of our dreams, there are still some many problematic aspects to this ride. Many of these problems require immediate attention, otherwise, the situation could worsen and increase the amount of money you will put back into the Rage in repairs.

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